Cambodia one of the first country

Cambodia one of the first country Prime Minister Hun Sen said that Cambodia is one of the first countries in the region to open up by reducing international tourist barriers.

While speaking at the closing ceremony of tourism recapitulative conference held this morning, the Premier said that in the last decade, Cambodia has developed proudly. The growth has been almost completely disrupted over the last two years by Covid-19, which has had a devastating effect on global development.

Cambodia one of the first country Tourism was hit the hardest by the pandemic, which disrupted domestic and international travel, forcing tourism and related businesses to close and forcing tens of thousands of people to lost their jobs. Mr Hun Sen said that the Royal Government has set out 10 intervention measures to reduce the negative impact of the Covid-19 on socio-economic development to stabilize people’s daily lives and balance economic, business and investment activities. In order to continue to strengthen the development of the tourism sector, especially to improve the momentum of this sector, Prime Minister Hun Sen has issued a number of recommendations.

s Cambodia is reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic with plans to open the country for fully vaccinated travelers in the weeks to come, optimism is running high that the tourism sector will recover. But beyond all those hopes, challenges such as the lack of direct international flights and some stringent COVID-19 measures stand in the way.

COVID-19 has hit Cambodia’s tourism hard and,​ for tour guides like Chan Sytha, this has been an enduring pain. After working as a guide for four years in Siem Reap Province, Sytha said that he had to change job for a while because there is no customer for him.

After more than 20 years of the number of international arrivals constantly rising, the number of foreign arrivals dropped in 2019 due to various internal and external factors. In 2020, the province witnessed an unprecedented economic decline due to the pandemic disrupting international travel. According to data from the tourism development masterplan 2021-2035 for Siem Reap, the province received approximately 400,000 foreign visitors, which amounted to a 82 percent drop.

And the Siem Reap administration even locked down the city of Siem Reap in September 2021 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.