Google Stadia

Google Stadia’s gaming platform that lets you instantly play your favorite video games on compatible devices. You can’t play games on an iOS device, but you can use this app to set up and manage Stadia on other devices.

Access Stadia you only pay for the games. Play games on many screens you own Play Stadia games across laptops, desktops, and select mobile devices (not including iOS devices). You can also play on TVs if you have the Stadia Controller and a Google Chromecast Ultra. See for more details. No more downloads The moment you claim or buy a game, it’s ready to play — no waiting for downloads or game patches. Stadia updates games behind the scenes so you never have to wait.

Growing catalog of games Get a bunch of games included in the Stadia Pro subscription, with more added each month. You can also buy games individually with no subscription required. More and more games are being added all the time.

Good but is also trash

I have a couple of games on and all I have to say is my relationship with this program is dying. First the resolution of the games are terrible unless you like to see clear screen for like 30 seconds and then the screen going in and out of being blurry and clear. Next i’m always getting kicked out of games and sometimes it is the Wi-Fi but most of the times it’s not I can never play on stadia without being kicked out of my game and the app at least 4 to 5 times.

Lastly the Selection is not great, I thought stadia will be good because I use Google for almost everything but I stand corrected. I will not be buying any more games on stadia and will highly suggest for people to use steam, GeForce, or just Play on Console instead.

Stadia is amazing!!!

If you have good internet you will never need a console ever again!! Sure Stadia needs more games but they’re adding games all the time just like the other platforms! Not to mention the constant sales. Stadia Pro is an option so if you have good internet you can pretty much buy games and play them for free including online multiplayer. You won’t need to by a fancy console or super expensive PC. Google seems to be really listening to fans as well.

Sure it might take them a little while to update features but they are working on it. One example is adding family sharing which lets you share your collection of games with anyone you want!! The Stadia team also seem to really care about the community and come up with really cool little ideas.

Like giving Pro members Jedi Fallen Order on May the Fourth! What better way to celebrate?! Did I mention playing games instantly with no downloads or updates?!? Also playing games with PS5/Series X quality load times and graphics?! Do yourself a favor and give Stadia a shot. Stop hating on something just because it’s new and different.